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Introducing the Future of Website Building with MyWebsite Now: Powered by AI!

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Effortless, creative, and stunning websites in just a few clicks. Check out all new developments in this article.

Say hello to the future of website building with MyWebsite Now’s groundbreaking AI-powered features! We’ve been working hard towards a more intuitive, efficient, and creative website-building experience, and we’re happy to unveil these exciting updates:

AI Website Generator: Gateway to Unique Instant Website

Starting today, creating a dream website is as easy as a breeze, thanks to our brand-new AI Website Generator. We know that setting up a website can sometimes be a daunting task, especially for everyone new to the world of web design. With the AI Website Generator, we’re simplifying the entire process.
It only needs some basic information around a business like the business name, a short description of the business, and the business category and the AI starts working.
Now only a few simple styling preferences are needed and a fully functional website tailored exactly to that specific business is ready. No more worrying about design layouts, images, texts – MyWebsite Now’s AI has got you covered. 

IONOS AI Website Generator
IONOS AI Website Generator

Elevating Content with AI Text Generation &  AI Text Improvements

Content is king, but not everyone is a wordsmith. With MyWebsite Now’s AI Text Generation and AI Text Improvements everyone can become one. It doesn’t matter if you need a catchy headline or a whole paragraph. With some basic keywords the AI Text Generator gets to work and delivers the perfect text matching your  keyword(s).
If you’d like to change the tone of voice just pick a different tonality with our AI Text Improver to make it more playful or funny (or choose any other of the 12 distinct tonality styles we provide).
Text creation and modification was never easier.

IONOS Text Generator and AI Text Improver
IONOS Text Generator and AI Text Improver

Unleash Creativity with AI-Generated Images

We understand that finding the perfect images to complement a website can be time-consuming and challenging. That’s why we’re introducing AI-generated images to MyWebsite Now. The AI engine can generate high-quality images that align with the customer’s description of the image in his mind. From stunning backgrounds to eye-catching graphics, these AI-generated images will add a touch of visual brilliance to any website, making it stand out from the crowd. All that happening directly in the image library of MyWebsite Now.

IONOS AI Image Generator
IONOS AI Image Generator

We would also like to express our deep thanks to every individual who has poured their time, dedication, and expertise into making this project a reality. It was exceptional teamwork building these features in a very short time!

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we continue to push the boundaries of what MyWebsite Now can achieve!

Transparency note

Prompt used to generate the blueprint for this article: Imagine you are a Product Manager writing a article for your company blog, announcing changes to a website builder product. The changes are that the website builder is now AI powered with the following features:

  • AI Website Generator: Easy onboarding with a fully AI generated website based on some simple inputs on business (this is the main new feature to highlight)
  • Some new AI features like AI Text improvements, AI generated images.”

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