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.ai domains: riding the wave of AI revolution

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There’s no denying it: Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming how we live and work. It has carved a niche in our smartphones, taken up residence in our homes and integrated seamlessly into our workplaces. As a result of its undeniable influence, the AI industry is experiencing rapid growth and exponential expansion with each passing day. 

A unique byproduct of this technological revolution is the remarkable success story of the .ai top-level domain. This ccTLD was originally designated for Anguilla, but has gained widespread prominence as a result of the country code also being used as the abbreviation for “artificial intelligence”. As the AI industry develops, the demand for domain names that embody this cutting-edge field is also on the rise.

Join us as we examine the fascinating intersection of AI’s revolutionary impact and the emerging powerhouse of .ai domains.

How .ai tapped into the AI goldrush

The beginnings of .ai domains can be traced back to the tiny Caribbean island of the British Overseas Territory, spanning only 91 square kilometers. Established in 1995, it started as Anguilla’s country code top-level domain (ccTLD) as per Standard ISO 3166-1 alpha-2. However, with the surge in the tech industry and the rise of AI, the usage of .ai domains has transitioned outside of its original geographical designation. These domains, centered around artificial intelligence, are now predominantly used by businesses worldwide. This transformation highlights the dynamic nature of the digital realm and its fascinating crossover with geographical entities and emerging industrial sectors.

In 2009, Anguilla’s ccTLD attracted global attention when its registration restrictions were lifted to allow worldwide inclusion. Business entrepreneurs saw the immense potential of .ai domains and quickly exploited them to differentiate their entities in the bustling online arena. As reported by statistics page Domain Name Stat, .ai domain registrations have skyrocketed since 2023, driven mainly by the staggering year-on-year growth of 72.96% – a testament to this domain extension’s continuous expansion and relevance.

Anguilla’s economy gains momentum through AI innovations

The newspaper New York Times highlighted that sales of .ai domains in 2018 generated a hearty $2.9 million in revenue for Anguilla. Astoundingly, by 2022, these sales had multiplied fourfold. Vincent Cate, who represents the government of Anguilla in domain registry operations, pointed to the launch of ChatGPT last November as a major catalyst for this growth. The ensuing surge elevated the growth rate to over 100% compared to prior years, dramatically overshooting the projected €6.4 million to clock in a remarkable €26 million revenue in 2022 (read more on medium).

The Global Domain Report 2023 also indicated a rise in .ai registration costs, showing a 17% YoY increase. This lucrative domain registration business has significantly benefited Anguilla’s economy. With this newfound income, the government plans to enhance public service accessibility. They also aim to stimulate local business development, boost tourism and further market Anguilla globally.

A snapshot of the current state of .ai domains

The analysis of registration numbers and geographical distribution of .ai domains offers fascinating insights into the rising popularity of TLD. With global businesses increasingly recognizing the connection between .ai domains and the tech sector, registrations are experiencing an upward trend.

Data collected by web index in June 2023 reveals that North America leads the way with 62.5% of registered .ai domains, followed by Asia (18.8%) and Europe (17.2%). At the country level, the USA holds the lion’s share at 60.2%, highlighting its prominent role in technology and AI adoption. Other nations, including China, Germany, UK, France and Canada, demonstrate considerable adoption rates, reflecting the widespread global interest in .ai domains.

Top 5 countries hosting .ai domains

60.2% USA

13.8% India

5.2% Netherlands

4.2% Germany

2.3% Canada

A further glance at the data shows that 55.4% of .ai websites are accessible and indexable, 16% encounter access denied errors, and another 16% return host not found responses.

Notably, 73.2% of .ai domains have established websites, indicating a strong inclination towards using this TLD to create an online presence.

The most prevalent subdomain for .ai websites is „app,“ accounting for 27.8% of all .ai domains. This emphasizes the booming application market within .ai. Numerous businesses within the .ai domain actively develop and deploy applications, such as Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and mobile apps. Nevertheless, the „www“ subdomain also makes up a significant section with 12.8%.

The domain aftermarket has seen a significant surge in the value and interest in .ai domains, with ‚AI‘ emerging as the top search term at the domain seller Sedo’s website from June to September 2023. The increasing sales and popularity have led to impressive growth in the average median value of these domains, reaching $3,000, nearly ten times higher than that of the globally most popular .com domains. Furthermore, despite the high median price, the average price for .ai domains exceeds $6,000, indicating a strong and seemingly unstoppable upward trend in the market value and confirming the high potential and considerable worth of .ai domains. In October 2023, was sold for 700,00 USD (read more on this)!

Why should you get a .ai domain for your website?

An impactful domain name should immediately clarify the nature of a business. What could be more effective for an AI-focused organization than to have a .ai domain? It’s not only easy to remember but also reflects the very essence of your industry. But .ai domain names signify more than just representation in an industry. They convey the impression of technological proficiency and strategic foresight, which could create a competitive edge for startups and tech firms. Furthermore, Google treats ccTLDs like .ai on equal footing with .com, .net, and .org. Therefore, a .ai domain offers a robust SEO standing, making it an excellent choice for businesses of any size within the AI industry.

However, there’s a catch; obtaining a .ai domain can be pricey and premium names are increasingly scarce due to their growing demand. Factoring in these elements is vital when determining the value of a .ai domain for your company.

Seize the .ai opportunities!

AI has become an integral part of our lives, and its presence is only set to grow. As the AI sector gains prominence in society, adopting a .ai domain can be a highly effective way to differentiate your brand from others in a competitive landscape.

If you identify as a forward-thinking, tech-savvy entrepreneur seeking to align with this transformative movement, a .ai domain may be the perfect choice for your business.

For more insights into .ai domain names and how they can influence your business, read the original research AI empowerment – A deep dive into the .ai domain,“ authored by Simone Catania, Global Content and Communications Manager at the Hoster InterNetX.

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